Scrap Metal

Land Management & Timber Harvesting

trail in the forest

Knowing the importance of land and timber economically and environmentally, the people of Tri State Land & Timber offer the best land management and timber harvesting services in the tri-state area of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. We believe in the sustainment and proper management of our nation's forests, and we provide on-site evaluation of timber maturity. Forestry is our passion, and we employ contract certified Master Timber Harvesters and
Master Loggers who are able to provide a professional and personal experience for our clients and prospects.

Tri State Land & Timber, Co., Inc., offers clients a variety of options to choose from when it comes to land management and timber harvesting, including a twenty-year management contract and diverse harvesting techniques (thinning, seed tree cut, clear-cut, ect.). We gladly assist clients with timber appraisal and address any environmental concerns. Contact us to learn about options that are available to you.

Do you have unwanted scrap metal lying around? After multiple requests from clients, we have become avid metal buyers in addition to our primary services as timber buyers. We purchase scrap metal of all sorts and quantities. Also, we can hull run-down or dilapidated vehicles and tractors for recycling.

If you have unwanted scrap metal on your property or know someone who can benefit from our scrap metal services, use our contact information to let us know. profile page local listing profile page profile page profile page profile page places profile page profile page University of Florida "Loggers⁄Timber Buyers" Directory Listing